Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's like the Justice League...but, cuter

The kids were really excited about trick or treating. After we had stopped at a few places GH got the hang of it. He would say "trick or treat." Then he would say "thank you" after he got a treat. It was very very cute.

 We ran into some friends:)

 GH had so much in his bag he ended up dragging it. He even fell over it once. When he hit the ground it was hard and I figured he would cry. He wasn't concerned about his well being at all. He just checked his bag to make sure his candy was still in there:D When we tried to help him he got very protective of his bag. He had to hold it. If he wasn't holding it, he was screaming for it. Why wouldn't he trust us with his treats? It's not like we've been joking on Facebook about taking a portion of candy to teach children about taxes:D
 Even if my little munchkins were taxed in the highest bracket for their haul of candy. They would still have more than they need:) But, that's just one moms opinion. I'm sure they would disagree:)
.......meanwhile at the Legion of Doom. :D just kidding

Halloween Activities

We did some Halloween cookie cutter stamping. Cutie Pie insisted on looking like an artist. And GH just wanted to wear a hat like his big sister;)

 Cutie Pie wanted our jack o lantern to be happy, not scary.
 She was very happy with it.
 I made some delicious pumpkin raisin bread. And Big Dog helped me bake pumpkin seeds. He's such a good helper:)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kim's Halloween Party

Princess K and GH. Don't you love the princess gear? Kim makes her kiddo's costumes because she is a complete show off:D haha

 Kim & Ed also throw the best Halloween parties. They had two pinatas.

 My kids loved it. I'm just glad my kids didn't hurt anyone;D
 There were lots of yummy snacks...that I tried to steer them clear of.
 There is something different about Big Dog. But, I just can't put my finger on it.
 I think the best part of the party was the scary stories by the campfire:) So CUTE!

Crystal's Mural

She's been hard at it:)

Halloween Bags

 I finally got around to finishing the Halloween bags (with one day to spare:)). Thanks to my friend Liz I was able to get the photo transfers done on a good printer:) The bags don't look great because I screwed them up last week:( But, I did my best to salvage them.

Cutie Pie helped me do some of the backstitching:) I think she did a really good job.

Smarty Pants Institute Letters E & F

Some of the stuff we worked on.

Fixing fences on a farm
 sorting fruit
 working with flowers

Friday, October 29, 2010

We got four new windows today.

The two windows in the foyer have been replaced. And now there are two new windows in the living room also. The living room windows that faced the front are gone. They have been replaced with one bay window. There is soooo much light in the room now. GH and I watched them finish everything up. The guys who did the work were great. It turned out really nice.

another trip to the zoo

We saw most of the zoo today. We were trying to keep busy while our new windows were installed.
The aquarium is always a hit with the kiddos.

 GH kept shouting "I see fish."
 We took about a million photos on bronze animal statues today. But, I'm not going to post them all. I do like this one though
 Cutie Pie reminded me this morning that I had promised to pack bread for the next trip to the zoo. Not that I'm not busy enough already trying to get our lunch prepared:D All of the kids, including GH did a great job breaking the bread into pieces before they threw it. GH would break the bread up then push it through the gate:)

 The petting farm was fun.
Cutie Pie really wanted to go to the Cat Complex. GH like the cats too. He kept saying that they were sleepy:) How do we always manage to get to the Cat Complex at naptime?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We went back to Roca......and had a blast!

First things first. GH wants to clear up any confusion you might have. This is not the color red. It is purple.

 I finally got a picture of Big Dog coming out of the big slide. Geez...and I thought I was a helicopter parent until I saw some of the people there today:D The kids barely had room to get off of the slide.

Oats are ok.....but, fake necklaces taste much better.
 We went on a hay rack ride....minus the hay:)

I think I found a new header picture;D

 We had some dinner at one of the restaurants. Big Dog wouldn't leave the spider web decorations alone. I think he was concerned about how this restaurant might have some health code violations:D

Halloween Parties

Here's a picture of Cutie Pie during the Halloween parade at school. She was suppose to wear tights. Thank goodness they didn't do the parade outside. It was really cold and windy.

 Awww so cute!
 This is a picture from Cutie Pies CCD field trip. She enjoyed giving the elderly residents pencils during the reverse trick or treating activity:)

Resourceful Saboteur

This morning I was doing my walk on the treadmill. GH went into the kitchen and got some mini marsh mellows out of the cabinet. He then started feeding them to me as I did my walk. I had to eat them.....I didn't want to hurt his feelings:D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GH knows a dinosaur when he sees it.

Rooster Cutie Pie made the cat mask at school. This mask didn't stand a chance in our house. About an hour after she got home the pipe cleaner whiskers were gone:( 

Today GH found it under the couch and decided it was a dinosaur mask. I tried to show him that it was a cat. But, he just took it back and start roaring at me and saying "dinosaur."

Stinky Butt

Poor GH is going to end up with a complex. Tonight when I pulled him out of the bathtub he kept say "I'm sorry Ma." I said, "What are you sorry about Henry?" He said "Stinky." I told him he wasn't stinky anymore because he had a bath. But, then he passed gas. I said, "Oh you are a little stinky butt." Cutie Pie walked in on this scene and thought it was funny. A few minutes later, GH came into Cutie Pie's room and said "Goodnight, Zenka." He went up to her to hug her and said "I love you." Cutie Pie hugged him back and says " I love you too Stinky Butt."

Poor Stinky GH.

Monday, October 25, 2010

fun coloring pages

Have you tried this Crayola site yet? You can take a picture and make them into coloring pages. This one of Big Dog is my favorite so far. 

Here is a code to use: PR24QCHT

Sunday, October 24, 2010

GH always wakes me up in unusual ways

This morning he said "Coo Coo, Where are you?" I have to say it's my favorite wakeup so far. It's a heck of a lot better than dumping a pitcher of juice all over the bed:)

GH can say "Ruzenka." But for some reason he can't say "Brett." So GH calls Brett "Max."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Our trip to Roca

These top three pictures were added later

We went to Roca, NE. Theres not much there besides the pumpkin patch:D Honestly, we should have turned around and came back home when Cutie Pie threw up in the parking lot. But, she really wanted to go. So we took them. I was really pleased with this place. Unlike Vala's it was affordable. And it was wide open so it was set up for people with younger children.  There were a few scary things but my kids handled it well. I didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera broke while we were there. I was pretty disappointed. But here are the pictures we did get.

 Big Dog and Cutie Pie LOVED this slide.
 There were lots of cutouts to get pictures at.

 The kids loved the Candyland area.
 This giant cupcake is what inspired our trip to Roca. One of Captain Awesome's friends had posted pics on Facebook. We knew our kids would love it. Big Dog said "Yum" and tried to bite it:D Haha
 GH REALLY wanted to be able to ride these. He just couldn't manage it:(