Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's like the Justice League...but, cuter

The kids were really excited about trick or treating. After we had stopped at a few places GH got the hang of it. He would say "trick or treat." Then he would say "thank you" after he got a treat. It was very very cute.

 We ran into some friends:)

 GH had so much in his bag he ended up dragging it. He even fell over it once. When he hit the ground it was hard and I figured he would cry. He wasn't concerned about his well being at all. He just checked his bag to make sure his candy was still in there:D When we tried to help him he got very protective of his bag. He had to hold it. If he wasn't holding it, he was screaming for it. Why wouldn't he trust us with his treats? It's not like we've been joking on Facebook about taking a portion of candy to teach children about taxes:D
 Even if my little munchkins were taxed in the highest bracket for their haul of candy. They would still have more than they need:) But, that's just one moms opinion. I'm sure they would disagree:)
.......meanwhile at the Legion of Doom. :D just kidding

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