Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lots of Randomness

but that's what makes it exciting. Am I right GH?!

 Rooster found a paper bag behind the refrigerator. She decided it would make the perfect carrier for her stuffed animals. She obviously gets her natural parenting talents from me:D
 GH saw Big Dog pulling the laundry line across the yard and then watched it get reeled back in. GH decided to give it a try too. But, he wrapped it all over the place. He got really mad when he couldn't pull it into the house.

Rooster loves this easy copy work activity.
 Big Dog was brave enough to wear this public school t-shirt to the park. This was the day after the cross town rivalry game between public and the local Catholic school. Catholics in the public schools are in a  no win situation when the battle for Wahoo happens:D

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