Friday, October 22, 2010

Our trip to Roca

These top three pictures were added later

We went to Roca, NE. Theres not much there besides the pumpkin patch:D Honestly, we should have turned around and came back home when Cutie Pie threw up in the parking lot. But, she really wanted to go. So we took them. I was really pleased with this place. Unlike Vala's it was affordable. And it was wide open so it was set up for people with younger children.  There were a few scary things but my kids handled it well. I didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera broke while we were there. I was pretty disappointed. But here are the pictures we did get.

 Big Dog and Cutie Pie LOVED this slide.
 There were lots of cutouts to get pictures at.

 The kids loved the Candyland area.
 This giant cupcake is what inspired our trip to Roca. One of Captain Awesome's friends had posted pics on Facebook. We knew our kids would love it. Big Dog said "Yum" and tried to bite it:D Haha
 GH REALLY wanted to be able to ride these. He just couldn't manage it:(

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