Friday, October 1, 2010

Playground Ettiquette and Common Sense

1) My biggest playground pet peeve is people leaving bottle caps on the ground. Since you are at the playground I assume you are with children. If you are with children you should be aware that bottle caps pose a choking risk to small children. My children don't really put these types of things in their mouth anymore. But, I know better than to say it could never happen. On our last trip to the park I picked up TEN (yes 10) bottle caps so no small children would accidentally put them in their mouth. I also threw away a can of pop and a fork....It's nice that there are so many classy people in the world that would just leave their garbage where children play. The sad thing is that they are probably the parents of the kids.

2) To the man with the bag of Funoins. I heard that they are quite delicious. And I know you are trying to look super cool to impress the single mom on the other side of the park. But, you should really try to spend some time with your kid. Your kid is in my face trying to get attention. This is making it REALLY hard for me to pay attention to my kids. I think your kid is nice. But, I don't know you or the kid. So I don't want to help him across the monkey bars.

3) To the mother that cant stop talking on the cell, texting and checking the Internet. Well maybe I'm just jealous of you:D My phone can't do all that cool stuff. But your one year old really wants to get out of the wagon and play like your older kids. Its too bad she can't.

4) To the parents who brought their kids to the park for a whole 10 minutes then decide you needed to leave. What did you expect? Of course your kid is gonna be sad:(

5) I don't know why your 10-12 year old boy isn't at school in the middle of the day. But, I certainly hope you aren't homeschooling. You should not be in charge of making sure your child learns to socialize. You have no common sense or decency. Why would you come to a park full of toys and give your child a cap gun? He's running around the playground shooting little kids ages 2-5 that he doesn't even  know. Do you think this is normal?  Don't be surprised if your kid ends up a psycho. Yes, I left the park because of you. You are inconsiderate jerks. My kids aren't targets for your punk kid. (BTW--I'm not anti guns. My boys have a wooden gun that they really don't play with. I just think what you allowed your child to do was awful)

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