Saturday, October 9, 2010

So a turtle, some fish and a monkey walk into a bar....

Ok, I don't really have a joke. But, really how good could that joke be anyway? I just needed a title.

So today Captain Awesome had the day off. After the kids were fed, I took a short nap. I awoke to the sounds of Super Rue and her sidekick Super Monkey aka GH, saving stuffed animals that were in trouble. Super Rue seemed to enjoy saving the stuffed animals. But, I think she enjoyed bossing around Super Monkey more:)

We had to move Donatello to a larger aquarium. He was getting too big and didn't have as much space to swim.  The tank was also  leaking because of Big Dog threw rocks into the aquarium. I really am trying to be cool about it. Obviously, he only did this to improve Donatello's living conditions. 

We had to pick up a new filter AGAIN. So we decided to pick up some feeder fish too. Here is a picture of Cutie Pie feeding the fish. We started with twelve. Now we can only find four. But, they could be hiding amongst the rocks....or they could be in Donatello's stomach:D 

 Cutie Pie drew this picture of Donatello in school this week:)

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