Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stinky Butt

Poor GH is going to end up with a complex. Tonight when I pulled him out of the bathtub he kept say "I'm sorry Ma." I said, "What are you sorry about Henry?" He said "Stinky." I told him he wasn't stinky anymore because he had a bath. But, then he passed gas. I said, "Oh you are a little stinky butt." Cutie Pie walked in on this scene and thought it was funny. A few minutes later, GH came into Cutie Pie's room and said "Goodnight, Zenka." He went up to her to hug her and said "I love you." Cutie Pie hugged him back and says " I love you too Stinky Butt."

Poor Stinky GH.

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