Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's the first day of Advent

So we started our Jesse Tree
 and lit the first candle on our Advent wreath.

Pictures from the Merten Thanksgiving

 Cutie Pie enjoyed meeting her "new cousins".

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Picking out the Christmas Tree

 We went to Santa's Woods to pick out this years Christmas tree. We took a short hay rack ride down to the trees.
I think Captain Awesome said that this is a 420 tractor. It was the first type of tractor his dad let him drive. He was seven or eight at the time. My kids won't be driving tractors at eight years old. Unless its their toy tractors across a living room floor:D

 When GH realized he was going to get to ride on the hay rack he got really excited. He was smiling and jumping up and down:)
 It wasn't very cold today. So I figure that means it was a perfect day to pick out a tree
 The kids were excited to see Santa.
 or maybe the candy canes. Who knows?
 You can pick trees from the field. But, luckily we found the perfect pre-cut tree so I was able to use a $5 off coupon:)
 We took another hay rack back. I had opened GH's candy cane but when the hay rack jolted I lost it and it fell through the wood floorboards:( Luckily, Big Dog shared his candy cane with GH.

 The kids also got to visit the reindeer. They couldn't fly or anything. But, they were still pretty cool:)

Pictures of the boys

Pictures from Thanksgiving with the Carlsons

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Funny stuff I saw on Facebook

More fun with Advent stuff......

Yesterday Big Dog showed me that the manger was empty. We keep the baby Jesus figurine hidden until Christmas. Then we bring him out as part of our celebration. So anyway this evening as I walked past the altar I saw this scene......

 Apparently, Mary and Joseph are worried also:D Perhaps Big Dog is confused. This happens many years later in the story;D But, don't fret people. Big Dog is on the case. After rummaging through some containers baby Jesus has been found.

Behold the Christ Child.

What the toys have been up to

I started to pull our Advent stuff out of storage. Someone already is taking up residence in the Jesse Tree.

Can you have it all?

We were watching a commercial for a holiday episode of Special Agent Oso. Oso is a toy bear who happens to be a secret agent. Oso helps children with their problems by breaking activities into three manageable steps.

In the commercial Oso was helping children celebrate holidays with their families. But, he was sad because he had no family to spend the holidays with. So I said to the kiddos, " I feel kind of bad for Oso since he chose to have a fancy career instead of a family." Then I asked Cutie Pie, "Would you choose a fancy career or a happy family?" She smiled and said "A fancy career." We both laughed. Then she said "I already have a family."

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Dog Talking on the Celly

I was talking to my mother on phone. I said to Big Dog, "Do you have something you want to say to Grandma?" He takes the phone from me and says "Hi Grandma, I'm going to talk to you." Then he was done with the conversation:D


I did some scrapbooking today. Ok, the truth is I just glued pictures onto scrapbook paper. But, I am all caught up:D And the boys seemed pleased.
To make myself feel better about my shotty scrapbooking I told myself "I don't need $10 worth of embellishments on each kids are cute enough to carry the pages on their own" :D


GH's Fashion Go To

Friday, November 19, 2010

Captain Awesome Quotes

 "Candyland is a very humbling game".

Lots of pictures

Cutie Pie started letting me do her hair in the morning again. It makes me so happy to do it for her.

 Captain Awesome and the boys have been playing with the trains a lot. I wanted to buy more tracks but that stuff is expensive.
 We have been sick. So we are trying to get lots of rest.
 But, even when we are too sick to go to school. We still find time to stay active. Cutie Pie loved "mountain climbing".
 GH is still enjoying his time with mama while the other kids are at school. GH has also been putting himself to bed at night. I don't have to hold him for an hour. Which I will honestly miss. But, he is two and a half years old. And it's time for him to be a big boy.
 We painted our foyer and livingroom. So we ended up moving a lot of things including one of our fonts. Big Dog thinks it's his responsiblity to keep it full now that he can reach it. He also thinks he needs to use it all the time. Which I suppose I should encourage:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The kids spent Saturday night at The Ranch while Captain Awesome and I went to the NU game. The kiddos were super excited to see their grandparents. And we were super excited to have an evening away.

Cutie Pie was very insistent that her cousins would all be there. And that they have a huge slumber party. She was very disappointed that this didn't happen. She still operates under the belief that if she demands enough times she will eventually get her way. She did manage to get Grandma to play Candy land with it kind of cushioned the blow.

Big Dog loved playing with the toy tractors. But  he ended up getting sick:( I wasn't sure if he was really sick or if he made himself sick because he wanted to come home. We know now that he really was sick....Now Cutie Pie has it:( 

Even before Saturday I was hoping that GH wouldn't call pumpkins "pizzas"  while he was at The Ranch. But he did. My MIL wanted to know why my son is calling pumpkins "pizzas". Well I'm not exactly sure why he started that. He was calling them "pum pums" for a long time. But, I think it has something to do with one of our trips to the pumpkin patch. I had asked everyone if they wanted to get some pizza while we were there......That is the only link I can think of. Not that it matters. While he was at the Ranch Grandma put GH in a highchair to eat. In GH's mind you can't sit in a highchair and feed yourself. To fully appreciate this dining experience you have to get Grandpa to feed you by spooning food into your mouth. I think he realizes he is "the baby" and he is milking it for all it's worth:D He is almost three and is the youngest grandchild. So I have a feeling he will be in that highchair for Thanksgiving and Christmas......Unless some kind soul brings a new grand baby/niece/nephew. I'm not holding my breath. Anyway....GH is starting to talk more. Honestly Captain Awesome understands him a lot more than I do. This morning he went up to Donatello's aquarium and said "Hi Turtle. How are you?" He is even calling Big Dog by his real name. GH no longer calls him "Max". It took a while to break him of that.

We painted our living room and foyer with a color called "Bleached Wheat" which looks like beige to me;D It looks so cozy and clean.....for now;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're just keepin it real

Hanging out with friends

 I thought that pom poms in balloons would be fun to play with. But, GH had to add his own twist to the activity.
 Playing Candyland......

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pictures from Cutie Pie's First Pajama Party

The flashlights and pillow fights were the highlights of the night.

It was almost a perfect night except......I made popcorn for the kids to eat while they watched a movie. I should not have eaten it b/c it was for the kids. But, I did.....and I cracked a tooth on a kernel. Luckily, I got an appointment at the dentist the next morning. The day before Thanksgiving I will get a crown put over the tooth. Hooray! Sort of:)

Smarty Pants Institute Letters G & H

Big Dog loved coloring these grapes. I probably biased. But, I love his art:)

 GH doesn't like to be shown up......
 This week we worked on the letter H. I tried to get GH to make an H with dominoes. But he continued to work on his huge letter T. He pointed at it and said "T, ta ta, ta"
I guess T is a much cooler letter than H.