Friday, November 19, 2010

Lots of pictures

Cutie Pie started letting me do her hair in the morning again. It makes me so happy to do it for her.

 Captain Awesome and the boys have been playing with the trains a lot. I wanted to buy more tracks but that stuff is expensive.
 We have been sick. So we are trying to get lots of rest.
 But, even when we are too sick to go to school. We still find time to stay active. Cutie Pie loved "mountain climbing".
 GH is still enjoying his time with mama while the other kids are at school. GH has also been putting himself to bed at night. I don't have to hold him for an hour. Which I will honestly miss. But, he is two and a half years old. And it's time for him to be a big boy.
 We painted our foyer and livingroom. So we ended up moving a lot of things including one of our fonts. Big Dog thinks it's his responsiblity to keep it full now that he can reach it. He also thinks he needs to use it all the time. Which I suppose I should encourage:)

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