Saturday, November 27, 2010

Picking out the Christmas Tree

 We went to Santa's Woods to pick out this years Christmas tree. We took a short hay rack ride down to the trees.
I think Captain Awesome said that this is a 420 tractor. It was the first type of tractor his dad let him drive. He was seven or eight at the time. My kids won't be driving tractors at eight years old. Unless its their toy tractors across a living room floor:D

 When GH realized he was going to get to ride on the hay rack he got really excited. He was smiling and jumping up and down:)
 It wasn't very cold today. So I figure that means it was a perfect day to pick out a tree
 The kids were excited to see Santa.
 or maybe the candy canes. Who knows?
 You can pick trees from the field. But, luckily we found the perfect pre-cut tree so I was able to use a $5 off coupon:)
 We took another hay rack back. I had opened GH's candy cane but when the hay rack jolted I lost it and it fell through the wood floorboards:( Luckily, Big Dog shared his candy cane with GH.

 The kids also got to visit the reindeer. They couldn't fly or anything. But, they were still pretty cool:)

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