Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The kids spent Saturday night at The Ranch while Captain Awesome and I went to the NU game. The kiddos were super excited to see their grandparents. And we were super excited to have an evening away.

Cutie Pie was very insistent that her cousins would all be there. And that they have a huge slumber party. She was very disappointed that this didn't happen. She still operates under the belief that if she demands enough times she will eventually get her way. She did manage to get Grandma to play Candy land with it kind of cushioned the blow.

Big Dog loved playing with the toy tractors. But  he ended up getting sick:( I wasn't sure if he was really sick or if he made himself sick because he wanted to come home. We know now that he really was sick....Now Cutie Pie has it:( 

Even before Saturday I was hoping that GH wouldn't call pumpkins "pizzas"  while he was at The Ranch. But he did. My MIL wanted to know why my son is calling pumpkins "pizzas". Well I'm not exactly sure why he started that. He was calling them "pum pums" for a long time. But, I think it has something to do with one of our trips to the pumpkin patch. I had asked everyone if they wanted to get some pizza while we were there......That is the only link I can think of. Not that it matters. While he was at the Ranch Grandma put GH in a highchair to eat. In GH's mind you can't sit in a highchair and feed yourself. To fully appreciate this dining experience you have to get Grandpa to feed you by spooning food into your mouth. I think he realizes he is "the baby" and he is milking it for all it's worth:D He is almost three and is the youngest grandchild. So I have a feeling he will be in that highchair for Thanksgiving and Christmas......Unless some kind soul brings a new grand baby/niece/nephew. I'm not holding my breath. Anyway....GH is starting to talk more. Honestly Captain Awesome understands him a lot more than I do. This morning he went up to Donatello's aquarium and said "Hi Turtle. How are you?" He is even calling Big Dog by his real name. GH no longer calls him "Max". It took a while to break him of that.

We painted our living room and foyer with a color called "Bleached Wheat" which looks like beige to me;D It looks so cozy and clean.....for now;)

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