Saturday, December 11, 2010

Candy Cane Hunt

Cutie Pie had to be in this shot:D
 When I woke up at 4:45 this morning there was no snow on the ground. I thought we had a chance of doing the hunt at a local park. But, shortly after I started making breakfast the snow started coming down. But, we are lucky enough to have friends who braved the snow and wind to join us in our hunting fun:) We used the upstairs for our hunting grounds.

Everyone waited downstairs patiently as I hid the candy canes. Then we started the hunt.

The kids did a great job finding the candy canes. And they seemed to have a good time. GH was eatting a candy cane when we started. So I don't think he was properly motivated.
 While GH munched on standard candy canes, Cally preferred a more sophisticated flavored candy cane. I think she was eating a strawberry or cherry flavored one:) (I didn't take it from her to find out:D)
 The kids enjoyed some hot chocolate and cookies.......because theres not quite enough sugar in a bag full of candy canes:D
 Calvin was in it to win it. This boy was focused. I think he found the most candy canes out of the whole group.
 Is Cally going back upstairs to find more candy canes?
 Collin...oh Collin. You are sooo funny:)
 Cally enjoying one for the road:)

Mom doesn't have any idea how many candy canes she put out. Or how many were collected. So GH is going to keep his eyes open for any candy cane straglers.

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