Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Carlson Walnut Boat Championship

 Tonight we made gingerbread people, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and had our walnut boat competition.

Before we started making the gingerbread people Cutie Pie insisted that we lock the doors so they couldn't get away. I had never made gingerbread people before. They didn't turn out too bad. And none of them escaped:D

The walnut boats were a lot faster than last year. With all of Big Dogs attempts at sabotage (bumping table rocking the bowl, and trying to blow out the candles) the competition continued for 20 minutes.

GH ended up winning. Cutie Pie didn't take it well. After GH won and I started writing his name on the trophy she said "That trophy should be mine" I know....way to teach my children good sportsmanship. Actually, I think she was just joking because she ended up congratulating everyone:)

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