Monday, December 13, 2010


The kiddos were ready to play in the snow today. But the snow wasn't ready for them:( Cutie Pie insisted on trying to make a snowman. Captains Awesome told her the snow wasn't ready and it wouldn't hold. But, she is a persistent little thing so Captain Awesome did the best he could. I can't imagine having picked a better daddy for my kids. Isn't he great?

 GH played worked outside for almost 45 minutes.
 After Big Dog got home from pre school he pulled off one of the gingerbread house walls and started eating it. After I got over my initial shock I tried to repair the house. But, it still looked a bit rough when the kiddos went to decorate it.
 If cable channels have taught me anything its that its all about curb appeal. Sure the house is falling apart. But, if we add some nice shrubbery it's gonna sell. So the kids made some Christmas trees out of Styrofoam cones. I can't believe that my kids are all old enough to do this on their own. All I had to do was break the toothpicks in half. They put the gum drops onto the toothpicks and inserted them into the Styrofoam cones. My babies are growing up:)
 Now this gingerbread house has curb appeal I'm just not sure any bank would approve a loan for it.

Sorry for the ramble....I'm tired and being weird.

So today was St. Lucia's feast day. Cutie Pie dressed up this morning (see post below) But,we waited until later this evening to do our crown bread. Now I didn't do the whole Saffron bread thing because Lacy at Catholic Icing said that we could use any sweet bread. (I'll have to take her word for it since I don't know what shes talking about:)) One of her suggestions was to braid cinnamon rolls into the St. Lucia bread crown. That sounded easy enough. I guess the most important thing is that its still a woven crown. So that is what we did.
FYI: If you want your children to sit and listen to a story about a saint don't do it 1) when they just woke up or 2) when you have placed a delicious pastry in front of them:D

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